Trade shows and the two millimeter rule

NASA could teach us a lot about branding. After all, no one knows better than them that two millimeters FROM the launch pad is just not the same as being ON the launch pad. The idea behind the two millimeter rule is that we tend to give up, often right before we could have succeeded. Sometimes just a small tweak can make all the difference between market leaders and followers.

I recently had a conversation with the president of an industrial, mid-sized business about their upcoming trade show. He voiced an ongoing concern that they had not gotten the traction they were hoping for in their industry. I dug deeper about how they actually leveraged harvested leads from trade shows at which they exhibited. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, he recounted how little thought they actually put into their trade show presence. No goal setting, no pre-show outreach and no follow-up/nurturing - small stuff that produces big results. It sounds obvious when spelled out, yet it's all too easy for companies to get caught up in the logistics at 100,000 feet.

It's is our mission to accelerate the potential of mid-sized B2B businesses by offering the cutting-edge marketing support they often lack -- at a workable budget. Many times, it comes down to those last few millimeters wherein your rocket launches or not. Take trade shows, for example, where the low hanging fruit is there for the picking, but all too often I witness companies missing out on details like follow-through, even though they spend a large portion of their budget on the set-up.

If this sounds hauntingly familiar, I invite you to check out our new Tradeshow Package. This turn-key package has been crafted to consistently and effectively nurture trade show leads from awareness to desire without you lifting a finger. It's a streamlined package you can test drive for only $5K. If you're gearing up for another big trade show, don't sweat the small stuff when we can do that for you. Get a professional ground crew in your corner who knows how to help you achieve lift-off.

So give us a ring to nurture those leads. We'd love to chat.

Linda Tietje