Meet the team

Ever wondered who makes up the LTM team? With this new feature we'll start to give you a glimpse into the minds of the people behind the scenes. First up, let's get to know Colleen Montague!

Q: So you're into sports - anything we need to know?
A: Sports Sells! If a consumer can relate their passion of their favorite team with a brand, it’s a win – win! Score! 

Q: Tell us about your new role at LTM.
A: My role will include but not be limited to a marketing consultant, fulfilling the daily needs of our clients, while also ensuring fulfillment of clients’ overall marketing strategy and initiatives.

Q: What have you learned at some of the great places you worked that you want to bring to your new teams?
A: There is so much but “growing up” at Southwest Airlines, I learned that the culture of a company is reflected in how employees treat customers which has a direct impact on the bottom line. Happy employees equals happy customers. While a culture encompasses many components of a company, it goes back to – it’s about the people.

Q: Big picture or nittygritty?
A: Both but I love diving into the details and proactively determining each and every step of the journey.  

Q: What drives you?
A: Results ...and chocolate.

Q: A word for the LTM clients?
A: I am thrilled to be joining LT Marketing. It’s an honor to be able work with Linda and her amazing Team and I cannot wait to jump in and show you what we are all about.

Linda Tietje